Hillary Clinton

Hillary’s Ambition

There once was a girl with ambition 
who embarked on a difficult mission, 
she was crooked and dumb
and as strange as they come
which makes up a politician.

She ran hard and she cried there, on stage, 
and at home she'd fly into a rage, 
though she couldn't care less
after Bill did confess
and she knew it would falter with age.

And I ask you how this sour fruit
who is neither too bright nor too cute, 
as commander-in-chief
but covertly a thief
take possession of all of the loot. 

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Clinton's 22 Biggest SCANDALS

Crooked Hillary Poems

Crooked Hillary

There was a crooked Hillary
Who had a crooked staff
She ate lots of crooked calories
And used only crooked math

Her crooked path to President
Was thrown a crooked curve
By Donald's crooked moniker
Her crooked rep secured!

​- Author Unknown

Reference: Cadence to the “There was a crooked man” poem: http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems-and-poets/poems/detail/46948

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